The Chefs' Table

Each month we hand over the reins to our talented kitchen team and ask them to produce a home cooked meal using some of the freshest seasonal produce in Tasmania.

Blue Eye Trevalla, tomato sofrito, crushed potatoes & asparagus.

1 180g piece of Blue Eye Trevalla
1/2 brown onion
2 tomatoes
3 sprigs asparagus
2 Bintje potatoes (or any similar yellow flesh potato variety)

Allow fish to come up to room temperature.
Gently boil potatoes, removing from the heat once they start to soften.
Blanche and peel tomatoes, then remove the liquid inside, leaving only the flesh.
Finley dice the onion and add to the tomatoes, cooking slowly on low heat with a touch of white wine vinegar and a few sprigs of saffron until soft, then set aside.
Pan sear the fish, skin side down until crispy and golden.
Flip the fish, then transfer to a 180°C convection oven until just cooked through (4-6 minutes with fish still being soft to the touch).
Blanche asparagus, crush potatoes, arrange everything on the plate, and let your significant other hurl praise and compliments in your direction!

Thanks to Kel & Nat for this months instalment.

Jeremy Kode