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Launceston, TAS, 7250

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Yorktown Organics

Jeremy Kode

Clare and Ben from Yorktown Organics are the hardworking team behind one Tasmania's finest organic farms. It is always a great day when our kitchen receives a Yorktown delivery, as there is always something new to try. Recently, Claire and Ben made time out of their busy schedule to give us a tour of their farm and to give us a little insight into the work that goes into growing organic veg. No easy feat with Tasmania's incredibly strict agricultural laws.

Thanks for making the time guys.

The Chefs' Table

Jeremy Kode

Each month we hand over the reins to our talented kitchen team and ask them to produce a home cooked meal using some of the freshest seasonal produce in Tasmania.

Blue Eye Trevalla, tomato sofrito, crushed potatoes & asparagus.

1 180g piece of Blue Eye Trevalla
1/2 brown onion
2 tomatoes
3 sprigs asparagus
2 Bintje potatoes (or any similar yellow flesh potato variety)

Allow fish to come up to room temperature.
Gently boil potatoes, removing from the heat once they start to soften.
Blanche and peel tomatoes, then remove the liquid inside, leaving only the flesh.
Finley dice the onion and add to the tomatoes, cooking slowly on low heat with a touch of white wine vinegar and a few sprigs of saffron until soft, then set aside.
Pan sear the fish, skin side down until crispy and golden.
Flip the fish, then transfer to a 180°C convection oven until just cooked through (4-6 minutes with fish still being soft to the touch).
Blanche asparagus, crush potatoes, arrange everything on the plate, and let your significant other hurl praise and compliments in your direction!

Thanks to Kel & Nat for this months instalment.

Geronimo New Menu

Jeremy Kode

This is Sam.
Sam is the man. 
Sam is the man who is behind our new Geronimo menu and we couldn't be happier with the  incredible dishes he and the kitchen team have created. Think moorish broths, cocoa rubbed pork and oysters with champagne caviar. There is a whole new array of tasty bar snacks and a selection of desserts that borderline works of art. We are incredibly proud of our kitchen team and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Bookings can be made via email at or simply give us a call on (03) 6331 3652

Aperitivo / January

Jeremy Kode

The Aperol Spritz is and has always be one of the quintessential aperitivo beverages. Heck, we sell quite a lot of them every week. However our friend Gus from Spirit People
( stopped by recently to show us a new product that has us little excited, Rondo Aperitivo

Rondo is a 100% Organic competitor to Aperol, so you can argue it's better for your body and the environment - but actually we just think it tastes really, really good. Rondo is made in a family-owned distillery in the small town of Appiano, located in northern Italy, the epicentre of Europe's apple farms.

Just like any Aperitivo, Rondo is versatile and can be drunk by itself or mixed with other flavours. However, today Gus was kind enough to give us an example of Rondo's potential with his own twist of an Italian classic.

Rondo Spritz
45ml Rondo Aperitivo
60ml Clover Hill Sparkling
2 Drops of Sloe Bitters
Serve over ice and garnish with orange and strawberry

Thank you to Gus for his time. You can find out more about Rondo and other Spirit People products at 

Travis / Misty Meadows

Jeremy Kode

Travis. He is a unicorn of sorts. In the Geronimo kitchen our chefs have a little statue of him which they pray to every day, to give thanks for the incredible fruit & vegetable produce that he bestows upon us from his Misty Meadows farm. Spicy mustard leaf, succulent zucchini, a sea of crisp chard and tomatoes that are (according to the kitchen team) nothing short of perfect.  Travis is a straight forward, hard working individual who's green thumb and eagerness to give anything a go is a recipe that is obviously paying off. You won't see him in the markets, not just yet, as we buy he majority of his produce (sorry!), but do keep an eye out for this misty character and his delicious offerings.

Big thanks to Travis for taking the time to show us around his farm.

Van Dieman Brewery

Jeremy Kode

Will Tatchel and the team from Van Dieman Brewery don't do anything in half portions. On their Evandale family farm, among the usual staples of beef, sheep and pigs, they also grow their own barley and hops, they malt their own grain and source water from their own underground spring located on site. As you can imagine with the monumental effort they put into their craft that their beers are some of our favourite Tasmanian brews. With an offering of four styles of Ales and always a few sneaky seasonal offerings (you need to try their barley wine!) Van Dieman Brewing are without question a true product of their natural surroundings. Keep an eye out for these guys on our menu as we have very big plans for them in our Geronimo Appreciation Society dinners.

Gus, Spirit People and the future of vodka

Jeremy Kode

We love Gus. We love his passion towards his work and that he is not afraid to be a little quirky. He has spent the year scouring the world for interesting and peculiar alcoholic offerings that are not only redefining the spirit categories, but also how we drink them. He dropped by Geronimo recently to talk to us about his company Spirit people and the future of a very ancient distillate we call vodka.

Vodka has to be the most fascinating spirit category. Fascinating because of its accessibility and simplicity both in production and consumption, and the complexities that can be accommodated because of that. At Spirit People we’re fortunate enough to work with some highly creative spirit makers, including Vestal, Clumsy Bear and Sheeps Whey vodkas and in our past 12months of travel and research have been encouraged to interpret a worldly view of the spirits we drink.

We are humbled to work with three producers of vodka who are using entirely different raw materials to produce entirely different spirits that taste like what they are made from. All of our vodkas are delicious served as simply as possible: solo, slightly chilled. Out of the fridge, or over ice. All we’re suggesting are high quality spirits distilled from high quality natural ingredients. The only additions you need to make with vodka this good are perhaps a small piece of citrus peel. Serve this ‘up’ or over ice, either way it’s a martini.

Translated from the Russian or Polish term (depending on who you talk to) meaning ‘little water,’ vodka has been produced in an array of ways since the beginning of time. Anywhere from Eastern European farmhouses to commercial companies such as Smirnoff have maintained the global constitution that vodka is a ‘flavourless, colourless spirit’ while offering their expression to the world. Frederik Plum from The Clumsy Bear Vodka is no exception. The traditional vodkas of Russia, made often at home, cannot now be called vodka because they have not been distilled to a high-enough percentage. In other words they have too much flavour. These old styles are what The Clumsy Bear model their vodka on. They want to reclaim the word for your enjoyment, and to the expense of the industrial producers.

Furthermore, as drinking and dining becomes a more interactive experience and social etiquette evolves, so do our products. William Borrell from Vestal Vodka who produce Polish craft potato vodka identifies the effects of different techniques and agricultural ingredients.

"The blended potato vodka is a supreme, everyday drinking vodka. It has everything you need but with the DNA of Vestal - it’s something you can drink neat, it has the viscosity, the creamy and buttery mouth feel that runs through all of our spirits.”

Vestal offer multiple expressions of both vintage and Polish appellation of their potato vodkas and they all need to be tasted to be understood. We are lucky to also stock Vestal’s blended vodka, which has the precision required for a mixing vodka, and flavour in abundance that doesn’t get lost amongst other ingredients.

Hartshorn Sheep Whey Vodka is another beast altogether. Koumis - fermented mare’s milk - has been distilled to produce a product called Araka for centuries, but as far as we know this is the only eau de vie d’ovine or, sheep-whey distillate, in the world. At the tiny Grandvewe sheep farm and fromagerie south of Hobart, Ryan Hartshorn utilises the otherwise-wasted lactose- rich whey to create a funky ferment from which he distills an extremely clean spirit that retains loads of milk-derived creamy character. The flavour of it is delicious. This needs no mixer - a dry martini with lime peel is perfect - but this dairy distillate is also brilliant to use in a caffe corretto.

Thank you to Angus for taking the time to talk to us about this overlooked and interesting spirit category. You can find some of his products listed here at Geronimo and for any further information on Spirit People can be found at their website

Grey Sands Winery

Jeremy Kode

Recently we were lucky enough to visit Bob & Rita from Grey Sands Winery and be treated to a tasting of their range of wines. Predominantly planted with Pinto Gris, Pinot Noir and Merlot, their vines are dry farmed with no irrigation to allow for a full soil profile something which Bob & Rita strongly believe in, and something which we very much admire. We highly recommend visiting their website at for a more in-depth look into what these two fun people are up to. 

Cataract Gorge / Launceston

Jeremy Kode

Tasmania is blessed to have locations like this right on our doorstep. As much as we love talking about food and wine, we always take time to appreciate our surroundings and nearby locations from where we source a great deal of our produce. In our monthly features we will always include imagery we capture on our travels throughout Tasmania and are always on the lookout - if you have any suggestions please send them through to